About TeXt ex machina

My name is Amy Müller, and TeXt ex machina is my text service consultancy. I assess, plan and edit content for the Web and print world with a focus on readability and usability. Based in beautiful Wiltshire, England, I collaborate with English- and German-speaking organisations and authors to develop editorial and content strategies.

I work with my clients to solve communication issues and improve reader experience, both online and off. I support organisations and editorial teams in developing internal workflows and in the creation of digital content to fit their particular needs, business objectives and audiences. Optimised user experience starts with clear communication goals and focused messages, which I discover, refine and polish in collaboration with my clients. Together, we embark on a journey to find an overarching, consistent narrative for their business or organisation.

I also help in-house teams to produce reader-friendly materials by engaging their audience. It's part of my process to coach individual clients and teams who require bespoke content to meet external constraints or to respond to new technical situations such as Content Management Systems—but who do not having the need for a full-time, in-house content strategist. I pride myself on supporting clients at every stage of the online content lifecycle, including providing information architecture and user-centred design. I develop a content strategy together with my clients by devising, documenting and implementing editorial workflows and guidelines that are sustainable for them.

Sometimes, some of my clients who do not consider themselves writers find themselves in the position of having to produce written documents. I'm an idea bouncer, manuscript doctor and educator who can improve the quality of academic, technical or creative non-fiction writing.

If you would like to take advantage of the services I provide, you can get in touch with me by submitting a collaboration request. If you would like to provide feedback or report a typo, you are very welcome to use the contact form, or just say Hi on Twitter!