Notes from the Consumer Experience Talk by Ian Hughes

On September 13 Ian Hughes, CEO of Consumer Intelligence, gave a highly focused and very instructive presentation on consumer / customer experience. I took some notes and share them here.

In order to build my local network and meet business people in particular, I've been attending several networking events and groups in Wiltshire and Bristol. One of these groups is the Bristol & Bath Marketing Network organised once a month by Martin Wright Associates.

Apart from the networking opportunity, the event always features an expert speaker on an industry topic. This month the talk was on consumer experience, a topic close to my heart.

Consumer Experience talk by Ian Hughes

Traditional Marketing

Knows 4 groups of people

➔ the ones to be marketing to:

  • stupid rich
  • stupid poor

➔ the ones never ever to market to:

  • smart rich
  • smart poor

Paradox of Choice

  • abundance & plethora of choices paralyse people, customers and consumers
  • people are confronted with a diversity of choices in terms of products / material goods, but: people want experiences

The Responsibility to Deliver Experiences

  • as business owners, product or service providers we have to take charge of the experience for our customers (accept your responsibility to create an experience for them ➔ accountability)
  • starting off point for consumer disappointment: (over) PROMISE which does not hold true

The Perfect Experience

Relies on a number of factors/ingredients which are under the control of the business owner / service provider / etc.:

  • overt benefit(s): Can be one thing that addresses the What’s in it for the customer? / «What’s in it for ME?» question
  • reason(s) to belief: persuasive and reality-check elements that are verifiable by the customer
    • Guarantee: «If I / my service / my product don’t make a significant difference to your business, don’t pay my bill.»
    • Logical / simple causation argument: «If you buy my service / my product, this positive thing will happen for you.»
    • Pedigree: «We’ve been doing it for 15 years.» «Quality since 1900.»
    • Testimonial: «Don’t take my word for it.…» «What other people / our clients / your competitors are saying about us…»
    • Trial: let them try your service or product ➔ risk free / minimises the risk
    • Be dramatically different! Don’t get into the «me too» business. Offer unique and distinctive experiences.

Concludes with: creating a great experience is supremely British ability ➔ it's what the Brits are great at & it's good for the economy, makes business sense & people happy.

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